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Plastic sleigh sledges for snowmobile and winter fishing

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Snow Trail | sleigh

Snow Trail – new generation winter sled

Snow Trail plastic sleds are made of high-strength, load-resistant polyethylene, frost-resistant (-40°C to +60°C), have a protective layer against ultraviolet radiation and are not harmful to health.
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Sled For snowmobile

сани для снегохода

Sledge For a motorized tug

сани для мотобуксировщика

Sledge For fishing

сани для снегохода


Take a look at some of the features that make our sleigh rollers so unique. We worked hard to make a product that would be convenient and practical for you.


    Sledge plastic – have excellent reinforcements, stiffeners and highly reliable steel strapping.


    Spacious and comfortable to use. Excellent for towing with small snowmobiles and moto tow.


    All models of sledges are made of strong frost-resistant plastic, with reinforced bottom skids and reinforced edges of the sides.


    Small and light construction – light weight is combined with a high level of load capacity.

Modern design

Small and not weighty construction. The low weight of sledges is combined with a high degree of load-carrying capacity. A very convenient form – the sleigh is slightly oblong, which greatly facilitates their course along the snow cover and ice.

Snowmobiles for snowmobiles and winter fishing

Snow Trail – made of high-strength, high-resistance plastic, frost-resistant.

  • Sleds deep - have a depth of up to 500 mm;
  • Have a rotating trailing device with a shock absorber - thanks to which the sleigh-scraper is very easy to attach to the vehicle;
  • In the design of the sleigh includes a hammer (fairing) with an inflated front part - which during the movement protects the cargo from snow and splashes - improves the aerodynamic properties of the sled;
  • Due to the use of additional lining-stripes along the stiffeners
  • the bottoms of a thicker plastic layer - the scraper have a reinforced bottom and are stronger than the stand for mechanical damage.


Colour: | red | black | green | yellow |
Length without drawbar: 248 cm.
Width: 101 cm.
Height without protection: 50 cm.
Height with protection: 77 cm.
Scope: 700 l.
Lifting capacity: 400 kg.
Weight:  80 kg.

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Price with strapping

SnowTrail 2500

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  • up to 5 pcs.

Price without strapping

SnowTrail 2500

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  • up to 5 pcs.

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SnowTrail North America

Unit 2, 799 Kapelus Drive, West Saint Paul, MB, R4A 5A4

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We have worked hard to create a product that will stand out among analogues. Take a look at some of these interesting features that make the Snow Trail sleigh so unique.

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